Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Leaflet April 2015 :: 17 - 30 April 2015

Expression Bowl (1) 4.3L
Retail: RM62.50
Now offer: RM50.00
*Member Price: RM37.50
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Blossom Serving Platter with Spoon (1) 600ml
Retail: RM57.90
Now offer: RM43.40
*Member Price: RM32.55
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Formula Dispenser
Retail: RM25.50
Now offer: RM20.40
*Member Price: RM15.30
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Jumbo Fix N Mix (1) 6.3L
Retail: RM88.70
Now offer: RM66.50
*Member Price: RM49.90
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Modular Colander with Seal
Retail: RM49.50
Now offer: RM39.60
*Member Price: RM29.70
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My Fashion Lunch Set
Retail: RM48.90
Now offer: RM44.00
*Member Price: RM33.00
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Rectangular Shelf Saver II (2) 2.0L
Retail: RM73.00
Now offer: RM58.40
*Member Price: RM43.80
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Twinkle Bowl (2) 1.9L
Retail: RM52.90
Now offer: RM42.30
*Member Price: RM31.80
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How to order?
email to tupperwarecollections or just sms/whatsapp ur order to 016-3424141

All order will be send using posmalaysia (parcel or poslaju). You can check the postage charges at

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pink Smooth Chopper

Nothing beats the heat better than your very own home-made ice-cream! Prepping is a breeze (or we'd like to say, as smooth as ice) with the Smooth Chopper. 
1. Easily dice and freeze fruits in FreezerMate. 
2. Add them and a scoop of milk powder into the Smooth Chopper to mix and mash
3. Then place mixture into FreezerMate to freeze for 6 hours! 
4. Eat! It only takes 4 steps to enjoy an all-natural frozen treat for you and your family!
The Smooth Chopper is priced at RM186/ERM193.50*
*All prices shown are inclusive of 6% GST

Busy lifestyles, unhealthy diets ... Why not try a smoothie to boost your vitamin intake? No time to make one? Tupperware offers you a marvelous solution! Make your own healthy drinks in this Smooth Chopper in a matter of minutes. You will be putting your lips to a healthy smoothie before you know it! The Smooth Chopper is not only perfect for smoothies but also for different types of healthy sauces, creams or custards.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Freeze Up Set ~ comes with BIG freegift!!! :D

Which would you feed your family with?
The answer is clear! Lock in the freshness and keep your meats fresh and juicy in FreezerMates. Designed to freeze fast and prevent oxidization, it is the perfect solution for keeping your food fresh as when you just bought it!

Get your very own Freeze Up Set which consists of FreezerMate Small (4) & FreezerMate Medium (2) for RM144.50/ERM157.50*
Specially for this month only, get the FreezerMate Large (2) for FREE when you get the Freeze Up Set!

emailkan sebarang pertanyaan ke atau boleh whatsapp ke 0163424141 untuk mengetahui harga TIDAK PERCAYA!!! hehe

jom klik video di bawah untuk melihat kelebihan menggunakan Freezer Mate... Meat frozen in FreezerMates stay fresh and juicy. It provides the perfect solution as it seals in the freshness and reduces contamination - all while keeping food fresh as the day it was bought.